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MAPt is designed to have best-in-class options,
while retaining:



Overall Maintenance

We can alleviate monitoring headaches while still letting admins and managers rest easily by knowing their servers and applications are being monitored 24x7x365.

Here is a quick glimpse into the advantages of using MAPt over Purchased/Licensed/Free products:

Feature / Option MAPt Other Products
Agents None Required on all servers
Up and Running Under an hour * Days, weeks or months
Configuration Minimal Extensive
Monitor from anywhere Yes No
Monitor from multiple locations Yes No
Multi-environment monitoring Yes Yes, but not likely
Track software upgrades Automatically Have to rediscover
Detailed Uptime Tracking Yes Limited
Data Access Fast Slow
View similar products on one page Yes No
Simple Alerting Configuration Yes No

Features in Depth


MAPt - We have developed an agent-less monitoring technology. This provides you best-in-class monitoring and a better return on your investment because your servers do less work, by offloading the processing to DataMAPt.

Others - One or more agents are required on every server. These agents must be monitored and upgraded. Many agents perform complex and CPU-intensive operations which steal CPU cycles from applications.

Up and running

MAPt - Once network connectivity has been established, we can be monitoring your systems in as little as 30 minutes.

Others - On average it takes a few weeks to several months. Hardware and software must be purchased, configured, custom coded, and then agents have to be installed everywhere.


MAPt - Most options have default settings right out-of-the-cloud. So once you have entered your servers and databases or applications to monitor, MAPt is ready to run.

Others - Once you have configured the monitoring server (hardware, networking, O/S, etc), there are many agents to install.

Monitor from Anywhere

MAPt - Yes, you can check on the status of your databases, servers and applications from anywhere at anytime. All major browsers are supported.

Others - Not very easily. Since the monitoring servers are typically inside your network, there is no access to the reporting server.

Track Software Upgrades

MAPt - When you upgrade or patch your server or application server, MAPt will automatically track this and report on all version changes.

Others - Many monitoring systems will not capture or recognize that your software has been upgraded. Some require the agents to be restarted or worse - rediscover all software. These are both manual steps that can be missed.

Detailed Uptime Tracking

MAPt - Monitoring uptime and availability is one of MAPt's strengths.

Others - Uptime tracking with agents is much more complicated. Do you count when the agent is down as downtime?

Data Access

MAPt - FAST! This is one of our top priorities and we designed our system around speed to serve data back to our clients. The most recent data is automatically cached in our databases to make webpage refreshes instantaneous.

Others - Slow for many reasons. Some tools store the webpage code in a database which is extremely slow to render. Others have 'heavy' webpage designs with code that slows down the pages.

Monitor from multiple locations

MAPt - Instead of using agents on your systems, we use our own ACES extractors that run on DataMAPt's hardware, not yours! These can be run from one or more servers. By placing them at strategic locations, you can get a unique view of your network and see latency to your applications and servers from many locations.

Others - Agents typically are told to report to one server only and changing that server can require reloading the agents, which takes more time.

View similar products on one page

MAPt - Our unique interface simplifies how servers, databases and applications are viewed. For example, all databases regardless of vendor can be seen in one window. Of course this is customizable and you can choose which databases each user can see.

Others - Many monitoring tools have completely different interfaces for each type of server or database.

Multi-environment monitoring

MAPt - Since all of the data is stored in one repository on DataMAPt's servers, you can view any or all environments side-by-side. This is extremely useful when analyzing performance issues between environments.

Others - Most tools allow this option but the limitation many times is at the network level. It can be difficult to allow all environment agents to connect to one server.

Simple Alerting Configuration

MAPt - Alerting and notifications are central to monitoring systems. With MAPt, we have eliminated many of the cumbersome steps to altering configuration. You only need to define who should receive the alerts with a few other basic settings.

Others - The alerting system can take more time configuring for some monitoring tools than any other aspect. Also, many are limited on email/text message alerts.