The Complete Package for Business Management

DataStitch Business has been designed with the sole purpose of making it easy to create projects, manage clients, and track your documents in one single place.

Using DataMAPt’s data-driven approach, our business tool provides all of the features needed to successfully scale your business.

Use Data to Power your Business

Workflows integrated with your data make managing your business easier than ever. Access all of your clients and documents in a single, clean view and grow your business.

Cohesive Environment

Management features provide a framework to streamline internal data sharing and the meeting of goals.

Automate and Simplify

Automation enables you to keep a pulse on important tasks without having to setup complicated third-party applications.

DataStitch Business provides a seamless managed IT service

Project Management

Time-saving, task-oriented features needed for successful execution.

Intuitive, easy to use UI
Gantt Charts for project visualization
Kanban Boards to map progression
Milestone and Phase breakdowns

Nurture prospects and accelerate revenue growth.

Opportunity Management
Powerful Ticketing
Sales Forecasting
Data Mining Analytics
Service Desk

Improve productivity with an efficient flow of tasks and tickets.

Prioritize Tasks
Track Team Progress
Time-saving Automation
Seamless Integration
Time Tracking

Keep your workforce productive and cost effective.

Multiple ways to track hours
Categorized hours for analysis
Time Sheet Automation
Personal Calendar

An organized team knowledge base that doesn't overwhelm.

Full-text Search
Include figures and diagrams
Integration with Service Desk
Hierarchical knowledge base