The complete set of features to keep your workforce
productive and cost effective.

Time Tracking

Conveniently track hours through multiple paths.

Time spent on Tasks/Tickets and Projects is automatically logged.

Manually add hours in a weekly timesheet if you prefer.

Categorized hours allow you to see where your time is spent.

Effortlessly run reports to see time worked.


Drilldown for logged time entries to see what was worked on.

Additional list view shows entry details.

Track hour logged, events, due dates, and more.

Easily block out time for daily tasks like meetings, calls, etc.


Automation improves accuracy for billable hours.

Turn your team’s tracked time into invoices.

Streamline the billing process to get paid on time.

Logging time doesn't have to be a repetive, tedious process.

30 minutes on a call

45 minutes clearing an alert

2 hours in a meeting

3 hours 15 minutes

Automatically entered into their time-sheets

Don't miss a minute of billable time again.