Cost Savings Being affordable is key

Monthly Billing vs Upfront Fee

Most other monitoring tools boast they can monitor all aspects of your data center, but at a price. They market their product as cost effective by promoting a one-time upfront fee or smaller annual fee for their tool.

These tools gloss over the hidden costs that their clients will incur. The overall cost can quickly get out of hand especially when add in upgrading and patching.

These hidden costs are the reason why our monthly billing is the better, cost-effective solution for your company.

Hidden Costs of other Monitoring Software


O/S Licenses

Initial Setup/Config


Staff for Upkeep

There are a multitude of hidden costs that could crop up throughout the use of an in house monitoring tool. We will explore and compare some of the more common ones below:

Hidden Costs MAPt Other Products
Licensing None Could be thousands of dollars annually
Training Very little - Easy to use Dedicated employee(s) to install/update/debug the software and agents
Hardware DataMAPt has many co-locations to ensure data is always available - at no extra charge Have to budget for Capital Expenses - servers, disks, network, etc
Upgrades Free Need Admins to track and install new agent/server upgrades, plus potential lost revenue with monitoring downtime
Hardware Maintenance None Upgrade hardware every couple of years
Alerts and Notifications Included in MAPt service Admins spend hours customizing alerts. Another software package might be needed to meet your needs.

Hidden Costs Broken Down


MAPt: We use the monthly fee method, we do not require any licensing fees.

Other Tools: Require you to obtain a license every year in order to use their product. This could easily be thousands of dollars or more annually per server.


MAPt: We built MAPt to monitor what matters with an intuive navigational design, so that training would be minimal.

Other Tools: Try to monitor everything possible which results in an excessively large and hard-to-use interface. These tools require a full-time DBA to learn the tool and help other DBAs find what they are looking for. That's essentially a waste of a DBAs salary.


MAPt: Our tool is deployed remotely through the cloud and does not require you to purchase additional hardware.

Other Tools: Requires you to buy a multitude of hardware components including servers, disks, networking, etc. A fully redundant system can easily cost five to six figures.

Upgrades and Configuration

MAPt: Our software is constantly maintained and updated by us in the cloud.

Other Tools: Loss in labor charges from training employees to configure, manage, and keep track of updating and patching. The updates and patching could also result in downtime for the company which is more money lost.

What About the Free Monitoring Tools?

The same principles apply to the "free" monitoring tools, there are always going to be hidden costs.

You still have to purchase hardware, configure, update, etc. These tasks will have to be done by your staff or you will have to pay for consulting services.