Improves Performance Through monitoring diagnostics

Locating Problem Areas

MAPt can assist in increasing system performance and decreasing downtime that may occur.

It is designed to show any areas of your system that tend to cause the most performance headaches, such as long-running SQL statements, locks on objects, disk contention, and network latency.

With all aspects of your data center on your screen, you can quickly diagnose which area may be the hot-spot.

With MAPt, there is no need to ask the system admin, network admin and DBA.

Simply login and see which servers are encountering performance problems. Then easily and quickly drill down to find the issue.

Performance Tuning

MAPt is designed to look at every level of your applications from databases to servers to network. It helps you quickly diagnose performance bottlenecks. The alerting system can notify specific groups and even send a notification alert to the application owner as well.