What is SIEM?

SIEM is an acronym for 'Security information and event management'. This security solution collects and analyzes log and event data to detect potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Security teams can use this data to track and identify possible breaches before they cause major problems. In a world of ever-evolving threats, this tool is essential to enabling smoothly run operations.

An affordable, customizable security solution for IT teams.

A solid SIEM platform allows for the early detection of threats and is a key player in your data security ecosystem. Manage ever-evolving threats before they disrupt your business.

Advanced Logging features

You can scrape logs for certain keywords, have logs sent to a log collection server for analysis, and even set up offsite log retention plans.

Aggregate Logging Data

With the other core DataMAPt features, this data can be aggregated and you can discover threats previously undetected with other solutions.

Extra Features

Create alerts and send them to other analysis tools for even more in-depth reporting.

Securely Monitor your network and be alerted of possible adverse events immediately.