What is RMM software?

An integral part of an RMM is to cut costs and reduce downtime through proactive detection of hardware and software.

Automatic remediation of an alert can not only save an Engineer's time, but prevent costly downtime.

Our comprehensive tool was built from the ground up with cloud services and integration in mind.

A comprehensive RMM platform is an invaluable asset for any MSP or IT team. Utilize unparalleled insight into the network infrastructure to maintain an efficient, productive system.

DataMAPt's dynamic Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) enables you to provide next-level customer support and satisfaction.

Agentless Monitoring

Makes deployment a simple, non-ninvasive process

Real-time remote monitoring and alerting

Monitor system health/performance and be alerted to potential problems to avert disruption

Proactive remote maintenance and remediation

Allow your staff the ease of remediating issues with just a few clicks

Automation of management tasks

Streamline redundant tasks and reduce the number of IT, and support staff

Configuration Tracking and Network Device Patching

Can improve your bottom line by shaving hours off of projects

Gain visibility over your IT assets.


Monitoring network connections is essential for any cloud-based company. Auto-discover can map a customer's network in minutes and simplify Inventory Control.

Track the WAN bandwidth, top network interfaces, VPN connections, and many more metrics.

Topology Maps

Logical Diagrams

Network Assets



Using DataMAPt's RMM suite, or pulling data from another RMM via our Integration package, you can monitor all of your infrastructures.

On the same screen view your IaaS assets(for instance AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc) next to your physical devices like routers, laptops, and servers.

For many IaaS partners, you can manage your services and VMs through our powerful interface .

Sites / Locations

Display your physical and virtual sites in unique ways to track assets, employees, network performance, and more.

Experience our 3-D network view by monitoring your applications from each remote site. View customer experience speeds by monitoring throughput to each location from separate remote sensors.

Geographical maps and virtual network diagrams for each site, and between each site can be configured to give a complete picture of your layout.


Any site can ping a website and tell you if it is up or down. In-depth monitoring of the overall health and using RMM and Integration data for a website is DataMAPt's forte.

Know before your site suffers performance issues with proactive monitoring.

For even more transparency, use DataMAPt's Status Page feature to provide insight into performance issues, outline maintenance windows, and more.

Keep everything running smoothly and avoid costly downtime today.